Bulk Billing

At 13CURE, we want to make sure you can access out-of-hours medical care without worrying about your finances. Our home doctor bulk bill service means you can see an out-of-hours GP, without financial worries at the back of your mind. Alongside various insurance packages, our bulk billing doctors are covered by Medicare. So, no matter what your financial situation when it comes to your health, you can call us.

With a bulk billing doctors home visit, you don't have to worry about the usual expenses that come with using an out-of-hours GP. At 13CURE, we believe a home doctor bulk bill service should remain accessible to all. Being able to use one means you give your health the best chance of flourishing. You also know you're accessing some of the best medical care available.

The benefits of a bulk billing doctors home service

There are multiple benefits to using a bulk billing doctors home service. They include:

  • You can call on an emergency GP at any time of night.
  • We can provide urgent medications without you having to visit the pharmacist, which makes life simpler when you don't have any childcare.
  • If you have a valid Medicare or DVA card, our home doctor bulk bill service will charge directly to them.

If you would like to learn more about our bulk billing services, call us on 13CURE (2873).

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