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What Sort of Healthcare Options Can the 13Cure Team Provide?

At 13Cure, we employ a team of doctors who are highly skilled in a broad variety of fields. This means that we are perfectly positioned to provide impeccable levels of care within your home, across a wide variety of different health issues.

If you are suffering from any of the following urgent complaints (non-life-threatening) that require urgent medical assessment, the 13Cure team can provide the answer;

  • Acute respiratory infections
  • Asthma and other non-lethal breathing problems
  • Skin infections, rashes, and other dermatological conditions
  • Urinary tract infections
  • Gastro-intestinal complaints
  • Eye complaints and vision disorders
  • Pain in joints, neck, back or hip
  • Any age-related condition
  • Migraine and acute headache
  • Earaches

If you are suffering symptoms of any of these conditions, please don't hesitate to give us a call or book online using our web portal. We aim to get a doctor to you within two to three hours whenever we can.

What's more, we bulk bill all Medicare and DVA patients, which means you shouldn't pay a cent for your treatment. If you do not qualify for either of these provisions, we can still offer you high-quality treatment at a fair rate.

We cannot stress enough that this service is only for non-life threatening illnesses. If you are seriously ill, are in acute pain, or feel that your life may be in danger, then you MUST call an ambulance and seek emergency treatment.

The Benefits of a Home Doctor Visit

There are many reasons why patients choose 13Cure to provide home doctor visits. Here are just a few;

  • High-quality treatment you can trust
  • Free of charge with Medicare or DVA coverage
  • Fast responses outside doctor opening hours
  • Easy and straightforward booking procedures
  • The peace of mind that comes from knowing everything is being taken care of

Don't delay, get in touch and sign up for our service today, or use the hotline or online booking service to schedule an appointment.

How To Book a Doctor's Visit?

Book online, and bypass the call centre queue

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