About Us

About Us

13CURE is a medical deputising service based in the St Marys area of Sydney. However, we have grown our service to include a broad variety of different locations across New South Wales.

Our service was born from a desire to provide a truly useful and reliable service to patients across Australia. As Australian, we are blessed with some of the finest medical infrastructure found anywhere in the world, and some of the most expertly skilled medical professionals.

It is our mission to augment and enhance this and to provide round the clock after hours services to the patients who need it most.

Our doctors are highly trained and can provide emergency and urgent care to patients within their area of practice and jurisdiction. This means, any patients with category 3, 4 and 5 medical issues – i.e. those which are deemed urgent or severe but not life-threatening – will find expert treatment at 13CURE.

Patients with life-threatening or potentially lethal injuries or illnesses must contact their local hospital emergency room. Hospital emergency rooms provide round the clock treatment to patients whose lives are in danger.

It is our aim to deliver you care which is both timely and extremely high-quality. In 90% of cases, our doctors will be with you within 3 hours of your call. If you are able to book an advance appointment, we will arrive in an even more timely manner.

Bear in mind that waiting times may be a little longer during peak times.

Care, treatment, and patient well-being are our primary aims, and to achieve this we need to ensure high-quality communication at every turn. When you contact us in an emergency, we stay with you to provide assistance over the phone where possible, and to contact you when your doctor is dispatched and in your area.

If you have any questions about our service or would like to know anything else at all, please don’t hesitate to get in touch. After all, we are here to help.

Our Feedback Results

We are extremely proud of the feedback we have received from our patient. For us, and for all of the team members here at 13CURE, the patient comes first. This means delivering only the very best in terms of treatment but also going beyond this to create an extremely special all around experience.

How do we accomplish this? By reaching out to our valued patients and asking them to tell us what they think. We’ve included some of the results of our surveys below, and you can view a handy infographic by clicking right here.

99% of all our patient feedback is good (7%), very good (53%), or excellent (40%)

Our patients gave us the following scores in these key areas;

  • Able to see the clinician or medical professional of their choice: 87% positive
  • Able to speak to a clinician by telephone whenever required: 89% positive
  • Satisfactory waiting times in surgery: 90% positive
  • High-quality appointment and medication reminder systems: 91% positive
  • Ease of making an appointment: 92% positive
  • Comfort in the waiting area and consultation area: 93% positive
  • Reassurance from medical and administrative staff: 95% positive
  • Booking and confirming a home visit: 95% positive
  • Commitment to privacy: 96% positive
  • Comfortable environment in which to express concerns or fears: 96% positive
  • Timeliness of visits: 96% positive
  • Complaint procedures: 96% positive
  • Further information on health and lifestyle: 96% positive
  • After hours service: 97% positive
  • Ability of clinical and admin staff to listen: 97% positive
  • Clarity of explanation: 97% positive
  • Concern and care for patients: 97% positive
  • Quality of service offered by reception staff: 97%
  • Clarity of information regarding fees and payment: 97% positive
  • Respect of right to obtain a second opinion: 97% positive
  • Overall levels of satisfaction: 97% positive
  • Consultation satisfaction levels: 98% positive
  • Respect is shown to the patient: 98% positive
  • Consideration is shown to patient’s personal situation: 98% positive
  • Would recommend to friends and family: 99% positive

All of the ratings we received from patients are well above the national average for Home doctor services. In many cases, our approval ratings are up to 20% higher; a testament to the commitment we show to our patients.

For more information on how our service can benefit you and your family, or to register, get in touch with our team today.

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